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why ebsolute

we, at ebsolute bring our expertise in various domains like enterprise solution, workflow, business process and software development in all engagements. with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver results as per specification, timeline and budget.

leveraging its low cost model, ebsolute has completed several development projects in usa, uk and around the globe. our key differentiators are:

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  • over 10 years of experience in providing it solutions.
  • management has over 75 years of combined experience.
  • more than 50 employees available globally.
  • near-shore development centre in us and off-shore development centre in india.
  • sales office in usa (upcoming sales office in uk.).
  • world-class infrastructure with redundant power and network backup.
  • proven track record for timely delivery of quality product within budget.
  • 95% customers give repeat business.
  • ability to scale up within 2-3 weeks for large projects.
  • conduct regular training for employees to keep up with ever-changing technology landscape.

with over 50 employees working globally, we serve our clinets round-the-clock, resulting in quick time-to-market. we understand that �one size fits all� may not work for all customers, so we offer various solutions including on-site consultancy services. we offer variety of projects-based solutions to our clients through various delivery models - on-site, off-shore, near-shore or combination of all. no matter what option you choose, we assure you of maximum roi by reducing costs through innovative ways.

we respect the privacy of our clients and maintain complete confidentiality

  • every employee or contractor needs to sign the nda agreement.
  • our local/wide area network is protected with active directory ntlm authentication.
  • our email servers are in data centers in the usa, which are protected by the nda agreement with the data centers.
  • ebsolute employees are trained on the intellectual property laws.

we give our customers the service that they desire at the cost, which they can afford. if you are looking for a new business partner,
please contact us

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