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EBSolute provides a wonderful work environment - a place with no boundaries to what you can achieve.

Our employees are free to explore the world of innovation and growth. They have opportunities to grow in various careers like consulting, in-house project or migrate to US on short-term (B1) or long-term (H1B) or (L1) visa.

We have unique corporate culture that fosters growth of our people. People are the most valuable asset of EBSolute, hence attracting, retaining and growing this asset is the highest priority of the management.

Why EBSolute?

We can list not one but many reasons:

  • We promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.
  • We provide a career and not a job.
  • We want our people to excel in the areas of their choice and hence provide fertile ground by offering various opportunities for them to grow.
  • We provide compensation that matches best-in-industry and education that ‘Builds the Resume’.

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